November 4, 2021 | Episode 20

FOMO Investing (Fear of Missing Out)

Show intro (00:27)

Addressing investors’ fears (2:01)

  • Financial industry focused on creating FOMO for investors, trying to get investors to buy something they think they need, and recognizing if you are dealing with a salesperson
  • Most financial advisors do not understand investing, knocking your advisor off-script, and story-based selling
  • Defining what a fiduciary actually is, assuming your advisor is working in your best interests, buying financial products is not financial planning
  • Identifying how quickly a sale is recommended, learning to interview your trusted professional, and asking great questions

13 questions to ask your financial advisor (16:28)

  • Questions are in very plain language, and you want the answers in writing
  • Understanding compensation structure, choosing investments, and identifying the investment process
  • Not all investment advisors are bad, but it’s about finding the good ones and using this filter to make good decisions

**If you would like a copy of the 13 questions, please email Steve at