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If you're someone who wants to hear it straight. Someone who isn’t into all the fluff when it comes to the financial industry. Someone who has ditched the conventional norm for the authentic truth.

Here's to your financial awakening!

"Best Podcast of the Year" - Quill Podcasting 2023

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Great Insight
"It's nice to be able to find a relatable podcast with relevant content. That's why we featured Ditch The Suits on our website - Couples Experience (couples"
Laura J5
Great and Informative
"I love the real life perspective Steve and Travis provide in this podcast. They give a very realistic approach to the questions asked regarding financial matters in a way that is engaging...
Honest and Direct Advice
"The 3-part series on financial advisors was excellent. The discussion on what it means to be a fiduciary, how an advisor gets paid and why it matters, and what to expect..."

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Travis Maus

If a financial professional makes money off you, you deserve an equal value in return. Every time, without exception. We want to help you take control of your financial future by learning how to identify and demand real value.

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Steve Campbell

Ditch the Suits has become more than a podcast – it’s become a movement. We share our experiences and industry insights in order to help you make one good financial decision after another. Our listeners know they will hear things from us that no one else is willing to tell them.

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