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It's time to ditch your suit.

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Everyone has an angle. From the moment we wake up in the morning, we are being bombarded with so much sensationalism. It becomes so normal that quite often people don’t even know they are having a story spun to them. Our angle is “There is a lot of money to be made telling the truth.” We get paid to tell you how it is. If you don’t like to know uncomfortable truths, you don’t have to listen. Either way, we do well and sleep at night. Afterall…it is your money and your life.

They are stealing from you and we know it!

Is it too good to be true? Are you really doing that much better than everyone else? Are all financial advisors really the same? Are you paying for a “friend” or for “value?” Did you think you were working with a financial advisor only to find out you are working with a product pusher?

It may be difficult to admit when you don’t know something or if you have been hoodwinked, especially if it has been over a long period of time or by someone you trust(ed). Don’t dwell on the past. Life is about learning and growing from our experiences. We focus on how to move forward, make better decisions, and live a better life. Every dollar a financial planner or investment advisor makes is a dollar out of a client’s pocket.

That new vacation house, fancy car, box seats, Rolex…guess who paid for them? You did. If someone makes money off you, you deserve an equal value in return. Every time, without exception. We want to help you take control of your financial future by learning how to identify and demand real value.

Purpose of DTS

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Every person wants to ensure they are okay and doing the right things with their money and life. People are scouring the internet, reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, and watching YouTube videos, all in pursuit of finding someone that can tell them what to do and how to do it.

Money is a contentious topic that can cause marital and family divisions and strife.

But what if it didn’t have to? We believe that with a proper understanding of how financial planning concepts work, you can be empowered to review what you are doing, understand why you are doing it and recognize what needs to change to move the ball forward.

Financial literacy is the key! That’s why we take timely topics and break them down over 2-3 digestible episodes. This allows you to understand the high-level concepts we share and apply the principle or thoughts to your own life.

About Travis

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As Chief Executive Officer, a senior Wealth Manager, and co-host of the “Ditch the Suits” podcast, I am committed to empowering all our clients and S.E.E.D. employees to be their best and receive the highest care and support level.

We help people understand that wealth is more than money.

There is a clear path to financial freedom. We work hard to line up the right team of advisors to unlock clients’ dreams by aligning planning with their overall goals and lifestyle.

My wife Lisa and I are dog lovers. We have four fur babies – Luna Moon, Dusty Alejandro, Cosmo Batman, and Heyman Hopper.

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About Steve

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I was born and raised in Binghamton, New York, and relocated my family during the pandemic. I started in the financial services industry in 2012 and never would have imagined I would be co-hosting a financial planning podcast, inspiring others to go out and live their best lives.
My wife, Stephanie, and I have four beautiful kids. Joshua, Jordan, and identical twins - Hailey and Harper.

People are my passion!

I wake up each day wanting to make a difference inspiring and encouraging others.

They are our world and make our lives crazy! We also have two mini-golden doodles, Zeke and Teddy, and we live outside Knoxville, Tennessee.

History of Ditch the Suits

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Lessons learned from the 2008 Financial Crisis. The news loves when things blow up. You better understand what you invest your money in.  Know the rules and play to win.  

Be a shark, not a minnow. The world goes on with or without you.

Lessons learned from the 2020 COVID Financial Crisis. The news still loves when things blow up.  If you think all investments are the same or invest in things you don’t understand, you will probably lose your money.  Know the rules or hire someone who does, or you will lose. Fear will get you eaten.

Time waits for no one. Based on lessons learned during the 2008 Financial Crisis and extensive professional experience, Ditch the Suit’s was a response to the panic induced by the COVID-19 Financial Crisis where a collision of social fear and financial volatility, fueled by the politicization of nearly every issue, seemed to tip the world upside down. With the goal to help people avoid making financially destructive decisions, co-hosts

Travis Maus and Steve Campbell produced daily recordings on a wide range of topics, such as staying positive, understanding the financial impact of new legislation, how to take advantage of the stock market when it crashes, blocking out fear-mongering, etc. which eventually gave way to the creation of the Ditch the Suits Podcast.  

The Early concept of Ditch the Suit’s original concept was to offer a business strategy that could be used in personal finance while exposing insider secrets to how the personal finance industry works.  Converting to your “Your Money Business” Over time, Ditch the Suits naturally converted to an unapologetically blunt discussion regarding “the business of personal finance,” focusing on the things you need to know regarding how money works, your personal relationship to money, and why you need to protect yourself from so-called financial advisors.  

Growth of Ditch the Suits

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Through the pandemic, Travis and I recorded over 75 videos for families we help with financial planning. We had an overwhelmingly positive response from viewers, indicating they found the mix of topics ranging from financial, investment, and retirement planning, to conversations about life to be timely and insightful.

We want to reach more people

...and broaden audiences with positive stories, insights, and anecdotes that could inspire them not to settle or give up in their pursuit of financial freedom.

Ditch the Suits has become more than a podcast – it’s become a movement. We share our experiences and industry insights in order to help you make one good financial decision after another. Our listeners know they will hear things from us that no one else is willing to tell them.

Life is too short, and you have people depending on you – listen to get ideas and inspiration that can help you start getting more from your life!