November 19, 2021 | Episode 21

Are these really the best investment ideas of 2021?

Show intro (00:27)

Exposing catchy internet headlines (2:40)

  • Breaking down the top internet search results for best investments to make and making sense of suggestions that don’t make any sense
  • Putting investment recommendations in context, talking about Robo advisor platforms, and understanding what constitutes an actual investment idea to consider
  • Wondering how some of these articles were actually published and realizing these ideas are not going to help you

What’s the catch? (12:28)

  • Headlines are everything, non-accurate advice, and clickbait overload
  • Financial pundits preying on the lack of financial expertise among investors and revisiting the fear of missing out
  • Investing is really boring, and realizing you don’t always have to be doing something with your investments
  • Investors win when someone else loses, and recognizing who benefits from advice given

How to actually make money (18:18)

  • Investors search for ideas because they hope to strike it big, trying to escape your current situation, and choosing the right advisor can be your best investment decision
  • Identifying what you are paying for if you work with an investment professional, advisors making money off of you, and knowing if you are on the right track