July 9, 2024 | Episode 123

How to Make Money by Leveraging Debt

In this episode, we discuss how to make money by leveraging debt. We explain the concept of spreads, which is the difference between the interest rate you borrow money at and the rate of return you can make by investing that money.

We emphasize the importance of understanding income taxes and how they impact spreads. They also discuss the mindset shift from viewing cash as savings to viewing it as capital that can be invested or used to pay liabilities.

The key takeaway is that leveraging good debt and managing spreads and income taxes can help build a bigger future balance sheet and cash flow.


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About Your Co-Hosts:

Travis Maus has been in financial services for over fifteen years. He is a Senior Wealth Manager and Chief Executive Officer at S.E.E.D. Planning Group.

Steve Campbell has over a decade of experience in the industry and serves as Chief Brand Officer at S.E.E.D. Planning Group.

Chapter Markers

0:00 - Introduction

0:07 - Leveraging Debt for Financial Gain

11:03 - Maximizing Wealth Through Strategic Debt Use