October 13, 2023 | Episode 84

Special Bonus Episode - Intro to the One Big Thing and Cut Throat College Planning Podcasts!

In this special bonus episode, we take a moment to introduce you to NQR Media's other incredible podcasts in the One Big Thing and Cut Throat College Planning.

When we started Ditch the Suits back in January 2021, we had no idea how many people we'd reach or if anyone would care to listen - and here we are, voted the Best Podcast of 2023 by Quill Inc. and our show being recognized in several different top Podcast blogs. We are truly honored!

These awards and accolades revealed that listeners and other media outlets appreciated our in-your-face messaging.

In January of 2023, Travis and Steve launched NQR Media. NQR Media desires to be the main go-to for aspiring podcasters and avid podcast listeners. We have since produced two other amazing shows in the One Big Thing, hosted by our very own Steve Campbell, and Cut Throat College Planning, co-hosted by Kayla Record and Hector Lopez.

If you like the tone and messaging of Ditch the Suits, then you won't want to miss these two incredible shows!

For more information or to listen to these podcasts, please visit https://theonebigthing.buzzsprout.com/ and https://ctcp.buzzsprout.com.

You can also watch all of NQR Media's podcasts on our YouTube Channel at


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