October 21, 2021 | Episode 19

The Investor Dilemma – What should you do with your investments?

Show intro (00:27)

Investors’ concerns (1:45)

  • Acknowledging the issues affecting the stock market currently – COVID, supply chain disruptions, political infighting, inflation
  • Anticipating a market disruption, dealing with market volatility, and being concerned about your money

Why do we invest? (4:21)

  • Dealing with the flood of information available as an investor and being able to discern what you should actually do
  • Reframing the conversation around investing and understanding why we invest in the first place
  • Reestablishing investor fundamentals and understanding what you own

Establishing a long-term view (11:20)

  • Talking like a long-term investor but reacting like a short-term investor
  • Owning a share of the business, buying high vs buying low, and understanding the economics of the investments we own
  • Finding opportunities within the market and taking greater ownership of what’s happening with your money
  • Assessing how our investments are actually doing, putting purpose behind why we are investing, and gaining proper perspective
  • Making good investment decisions and thriving in the midst of uncertainty